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Professional Landscape Design Services in Regina

Design Consultation

All successful landscape projects begin with a landscape design, a ‘blueprint’ for your project. We have all heard countless times that you need to have a plan before you start any project, and landscaping is no exception. By having a completed landscape design, you ensure that the picture you have in your mind matches that of the installer. Get started with a 2-hour design consultation, our experienced designers will listen carefully to your wants, needs and concerns in order to create a hand drawn to scale design and comprehensive plant key which best reflects your lifestyle and accentuates the best features and characteristics of your property.

For only $150

Colour 2D Landscape Design

Landscape designers do a lot more than just figure out where to plant flowers or what kind should be installed. They can design patios, fountains and gardens, an outdoor kitchen, and many other landscape aspects that work well with one another, including lighting. Put all the finer details together in a computerized (CAD) 2D builder’s grade coloured blueprint. Work with exact measurements, product choices and colour schemes to make building a breeze. Your 2D coloured design will include a detailed plant key, material list and installation quote.

Starting at $240

Bring Your Design to Life

Want to visualize what your landscape will look like before it’s built?

At any time we can bring your hand-drawn design or comprehensive 2D builder’s grade design to life with our 3D landscape service.

Starting at $300

How it Works

Every landscape design starts with an onsite consultation for $150.00 (Regina and area). After your consultation, our designer will be happy to provide a quote for our colour 2D Landscape Design Package and/or bring it to life with a 3D rendering.

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