Come to Our Supply Yard for Your Landscaping Products in Regina

On top of our expert landscaping, professional design and artificial turf services, The Classic Landscape Company has an extensive supply yard that’s full of everything you’ll need for your next landscape project. From mulch and topsoil to natural stone and treated timber, we have all of the landscaping products you could need. Regina residents, golf courses and landscapers can rely on our supply yard to have the perfect products for your landscape. And if we don’t have what you need, we’ll be happy to get it for you.

DIY Landscape Product Lists

When you decide to create a DIY landscape project, you’ll come to find you need some help. If you’ve never created a landscape on your own before, it can be difficult to find all of the right materials you’ll need. The Classic Landscape Company can help you with this problem. If you provide your scaled landscape plans to our office (in person, by email or by fax), we will be happy to create a materials list and provide a quote for those supplies. We can then deliver the highest quality landscape products right to your front door so you don’t need to stress about finding the right natural stone or topsoil for your plan.

Our Landscaping Products


  • 1 8oz Landscape Fabric/sq. ft.


  • 8oz Landscape Fabric 15 x 300


  • 8oz Landscape Fabric 5 x 300


  • PVC Edging 5”


    4 Spikes, 1 Coupler

  • Snap Edge


  • Delivery


Bulk Material

  • Organic Topsoil


  • Crusher Dust


  • 40mm Natural Rock


  • 2" River Rock


  • 3-5" River Rock


  • Pathway Mulch


  • Bark Nugget Mulch


  • Cedar Mulch, 5.5 c.yd.


  • Black Mulch


  • Brick Sand


  • 1 ¼” Crushed Rock


  • ¾” Crushed Rock


Bulk Material Delivery - Regina, Pilote Butte, White City

  • 0-12 Yards


  • 0-6 Yards (White City, Emerald Park)


  • Baled Mulch (Up to 2 bales)


  • Plants, Timber, Turf

    Based on Order Size

Bulk Material Delivery - Balgonie

  • 0-6 Yards


  • 7-12 Yards


  • Baled Mulch (Up to 2 bales)


Pre-Order Material

Delivery upon request, based on order size.


  • 15 cm Perennial/Shrub


  • 2 gal Shrub


  • 5 gal Shrub/Evergreen


  • 10 gal Tree/7g Topgraft


  • 15 gal Deciduous Tree


  • 25 gal Deciduous Tree


  • 6-8' Spruce


Artificial Turf

  • EZ Lawn Pro

    $5.45/sq. ft.

  • EZ Lawn Elite

    $5.80/sq. ft.

  • EZ Lawn Platinum

    $6.75/sq. ft.

  • EZ Golf Augusta

    $5.80/sq. ft.

  • EZ Golf Cup/Flag

    $126.00/sq. ft.

Opening May 1, 2017

Office Hours: 9am-5pm 

Supply Yard Hours: 

Please call for pick-up and delivery

The Classic Landscape Company is proud to offer the largest natural stone selection by pre-order in Regina. Call us now for details and to pre-order your choice of natural stone!

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