Professional Landscape Design Services in Regina, SK

All successful landscape projects begin with a landscape design. A landscape design functions as the blueprint of your project. We have all heard countless times that you need to have a plan before you start any project, and landscaping is no exception. Our experienced designers will listen carefully to your wants, needs and concerns in order to create a design which best reflects your lifestyle and accentuates the best features and characteristics of your property.

Patios, Fountains & Gardens

Landscape designers do a lot more than just figure out where to plant flowers or what kind should be installed. They can design patios, fountains and gardens, an outdoor kitchen, and many other landscape installations that work well with one another, including lighting.

A Small Price to Pay for Accuracy

By having a completed 'blueprint' of your landscape project, you ensure that the picture you have in your mind matches that of the installer. Yes, a professional landscape design will cost a few extra dollars, but when compared to the amount of money invested in materials and labour, it is a very small price to pay for accuracy.

Small Design
$445.00 (1000sqft-4000sqft)

Small Landscape Plan

Medium Design
$625.00 (4001sqft-6000sqft)

Medium Landscape Plan

Large Design
$875.00 (6001sqft-8000sqft)

Large Landscape Plan Design 1

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