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Serving Regina since 2005

Since we first began operation in spring of 2005, The Classic Landscape Company has held true to a single goal: To provide high quality, affordable landscape design, construction and supply yard services to homeowners and property managers in the city of Regina and surrounding communities. While our focus has shifted somewhat over the years away from yard care and towards professional landscape construction, our attention to detail and the high regard we have for our customers has never changed.

Bring Your Vision to Reality

If performing yard work and installing landscaping improvements is not your thing, The Classic Landscape Company is ready to help. We offer a full range of professional landscaping design and installation services so that everyone can enjoy a beautiful yard, and we aim to provide every customer with top quality, meticulously detailed landscaping at affordable prices. If you dream of possessing an award winning lawn, a breathtaking flower bed or neat and tidy shrubbery, we can bring that vision to reality. Are you considering a more elaborate construction that will complement a newly built home, or perhaps a revitalization of your existing yard? Our qualified staff can look after your every need.

Please contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in improving the look and functionality of your property or to request a free estimate.

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